VISA Exemption for 90 day stay Medical Ground

VISA Exemption for 90-Day Stay on Medical Ground for the Member Countries of CLMV and China




The holders of the passport or other substituted documents as follows:
 1) Kingdom of Cambodia
 2) Lao People’s Democratic Republic
 3) Republic of the Union of Myanmar
 4) Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
 5) People’s Republic of China will temporarily enter the kingdom for medical treatment for no more than 90 days.


 3.1 Patients, who intend to have treatments and medical services in Thailand contact the authorized hospitals listed in the Ministry of Public Health’s announcement. Please notice the appointment date and time to the officers for receiving treatments and medical services.

 3.2 Patients complete the appointment form provided by hospitals and ask to receive the Confirmation Letter for 90-Day Stay on Medical Ground.

 3.3 Each patient allow to bring no more than three followers with them

 3.4 Patient and followers go through the process of immigration offices with the confirmation letter from the hospital and the passport of countries as listed (CLMV + China) before arriving in Thailand

 3.5 Patients and followers receive the stamp on their passports.

 3.6 Patients and followers go through the Customs procedures.

 3.7 Patients and followers travel to Thailand and receive all treatments/medical services at the appointed hospitals until the treatments have been completed.

 3.8 Patients and followers travel back to their home countries

 4. List of the hospital registered to join the VISA EXEMPTION Scheme (CLICK)

 5. Format for the Confirmation Letter for 90-Day Stay on Medical Ground (CLICK)

 6. For further information please follow this link : (Available for THAI ENGLISH AND CHINESE)